Why the TI-83 sucks…

Have you ever tried to use the hyperbolic trigonometric functions on the TI-83?

As far as I can tell, the only way to access the hyp trig functions like sinh and cosh is to go to Catalog and scroll all the way down to the function name.

Now granted, you can use the letter keys to skip down a bit closer to the function you’re looking for.  But scrolling through function after function is just awful, especially considering how many other calculators have a “Hyp” button right on them, or even individual sinh and cosh buttons (including OS X’s built-in calculator).

If I’m overlooking something, please feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to know a shortcut to access those functions on the calculator!

If only I could get used to RPN, maybe I’d go the HP route.

2 thoughts on “Why the TI-83 sucks…

  1. I picked up a used HP-49g off of Craigslist. Although it’s slow (the TI-83 Plus graphs much faster), the calculus operations are great. It will differentiate and it will integrate both definite and indefinite integrals… plus a whole lot more that I haven’t even started to tap into! I think I may invest in an HP-50g which is much faster than the 49g. Though I’m still getting used to the RPN (which can be disabled), the stack is very useful!

  2. Just tried this out on my TI-83 Plus, and while the only way I could find the hyperbolic trig functions is through the catalog (like you said), you don’t have to scroll all the way through the list to get to them.

    Use the alphabetic keys once in the catalog to skip ahead. For example, hit the LN button (natural log) to get to the S’s (sinh is not too far into the list), hit PRGM to get to the C’s for cosh, etc…

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