Urban Terror GLW_StartOpenGL() Error Windows

So you just installed a fresh copy of the free multiplayer FPS game Urban Terror on Windows 7 (or possibly an earlier version).  The problem is, you keep getting a “GLW_StartOpenGL() – could not load OpenGL subsystem” error when you try to launch it.  You’re so close to fragging someone, yet so far.  If your video drivers are up to date, then herein lies the solution:

The game’s default full-screen resolution doesn’t match a native resolution of your hardware.  If you launch UT in windowed mode, you can then access the setup menu to select the correct video resolution.

To accomplish this:

1. Go to the install directory (probably “/Program Files/UrbanTerror” or “/Program Files (x86)/UrbanTerror”)

2. Inside here, go into the q3ut4 directory

3. Open the file q3config.cfg in your favorite text editor.  Keep in mind you may need to use Administrator permissions to modify the file.

4. Find r_fullscreen and change its value to 0 (zero).  Save and exit.

5. Lauch UT and access Setup->System.  Set your video mode.  This may involve choosing Custom and entering your video width & height.

6. Set Fullscreen to YesApply settings.

While this worked for me, your mileage may vary.

Windows 7 Includes New Psychedelic Wallpaper

The new Windows 7 RC demo sports some new features for the Microsoft operating system, most visually noticeable being the bright, new psychedelic wallpaper themes.

Windows 7 Mushroom Wallpaper
This is just one of the new psychedelic wallpapers included with Windows 7 RC, which I like to call Mushroom Trip.

Windows 7 Includes Cool Wallpaper
Another impressive Windows 7 included wallpaper.

Windows 7 Psychedelic Wallpaper
Looks like a wild acid trip!

Those of you that know me know that I’m a pretty big Apple fan.  It humbles me to tip my hat to M$, but I do enjoy the new eye candy!